Southern Grace

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Pretty Southern Grace Outfits

Flaunt your Southern heritage with clothes from The Pink Mannequin. We carry an exclusive collection of fashionable and stylish Southern Grace outfits. You can opt for the clothing that highlights the woman that you are!

Our faith-based company sells Southern styles that will warm every Southern girl's heart. You'll find tees in Bohemian and sassy styles with lighthearted sayings at our store.

Elegant Selection of Southern Apparel

Find top-quality apparel designed with love and admiration for Southern culture. We also stock apparel from Southern Couture in classic cuts and fashions you'll love to show off!
Visit us at 301 Baston Road to find your Bohemian outfit today.
Established in 2016, our one-stop apparel shop is a favorite destination for all fashion lovers!
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